About Thingsee Services API

Thingsee Service APIs is provided by both Thingsee Operations Cloud and Thingsee Operations Edge.

This API is a collection of HTTPS REST APIs that are used by the Thingsee ToolBox mobile applications. The APIs are available for the customer in case some remote-configuration features are required by a customer cloud or application, or if there is a need for a more in-depth control or monitoring of device management functions.

HTTPS REST API endpoint is always client specific and available as a part of Thingsee Operations Cloud and Edge installations.

  • apiId is the identifier allocated by AWS API Gateway (within AWS account)
  • region is the AWS region
  • version is the Thingsee Services API version e.g. 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.1
  • Authentication to log in to the service as a user or as a service
  • Group Operations to manage and assign logical groups of devices
  • Thing Operations to get essential information, position, configuration, installation and values for a device
  • Firmware Operations to update gateway and sensor firmware
  • Analytics to follow and report active devices and uptime information
  • Diagnostics for cellular, Wirepas (mesh), firmware and cloud diagnostics and error logs
  • User Management to manage access to ToolBox applications and Thingsee Services API
  • Task Management to create and manage installation and maintenance tasks
  • Positioning to manage areas, places, anchors and assets so that positioning calculations can be done.

API Specification

API Specification will be made available starting from Thingsee Platform Release 2.

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