Application CloudA customer cloud to where sensor data is forwarded from the Thingsee Operations Cloud, and to where the actual end-user service and applications are developed.
SolutionA tailor-made, use-case specific mobile, desktop and cloud solution that fits a customer-specific use-case. Runs in an application cloud and utilizes the data received from the Thingsee Operations Cloud.
Thingsee IoT PlatformThingsee sensors, Thingsee gateways, Thingsee cloud, Thingsee applications, and Thingsee maintenance services.
Thingsee Operations CloudDevice management and services layer for cloud installations.
Thingsee Operations EdgeDevice management and services layer for edge installations.
Thingsee Field OperationsMobile applications, services, and personnel for installation and maintenance.
Thingsee Admin OperationsDesktop applications, services, and personnel for administration and monitoring.
Thingsee Services APIHTTPS REST API available within Thingsee Operations Cloud and Edge.
Thingsee Streaming Data APIMQTT broker available within Thingsee Operations Cloud and Edge.
Thingsee Customer Data APIA customer-specific data integration from Thingsee to a customer cloud
Thingsee MessageCBOR/JSON message sent and received by the sensors and the customer.
Thingsee Message ProfileA profile that defines Thingsee Messages for a single area of functionality, e.g. Distance measurement profile, air-quality profile, etc.
FirmwareAn embedded software that is run in the sensor and gateway hardware.
Firmware ProfileA set of remote-configurable parameters that change the behavior of the firmware.
Thingsee Operations ProfileA dedicated installation of Thingsee IoT Platform for a customer.
Thingsee Operations AccountA user-account able to login to Thingsee Services API and ToolBox applications.
Thingsee ToolBox DesktopWindows application for administration use.
Thingsee ToolBox MobileAndroid application for field operations use.
Proof of Concept (POC)A technology demonstration to validate use-case and technical feasibility.
PilotClose to commercial-grade deployment using CE/FCC approved devices and at least BETA-level applications and services.
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