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Thingsee IoT platform includes wireless battery-powered sensors with mesh and BLE connectivity, gateways for edge and cloud installations with managed SIM subscriptions. The platform comes with a Thingsee Operations Cloud and Edge with native Windows, macOS, Android and iOS applications for device management and field operations for installation, maintenance, diagnostics and recovery.

The platform is delivered as a stand-alone AWS serverless, self-hostable distribution where security is built in during the manufacturing process. The platform integrates to a client system using any service-to-service method for streaming IoT-data to a client cloud service. About Thingsee Services API is available for more in-depth integration with add-on services like asset-tracking.

What is Thingsee

Thingsee is a data collection platform that makes Internet of Things (IoT) service development, pilots, and commercial operations fast and straightforward with ready-made tools and services for easy scaling and fast deployments.

Thingsee platform includes sensors, gateways, device-management services, and administrative tools with supporting mobile applications, so that everyday operations with the things are seamless and automated; starting from the manufacturing and logistics services. Thingsee minimizes the maintenance effort and the costs of running a pool of IoT sensors devices and their gateways.

Thingsee is not an end-user application cloud as its sole purpose is to focus on the things and their development, manufacturing, management and operations enabling a customer to focus on the application cloud and the actual service development. In its simplest form, a customer will see the things only as an incoming JSON data.

Thingsee is a highly integrated end-to-end solution optimized to work with Thingsee-compatible devices. There are options for 3rd party device and service integration in cases where a hybrid solution is required combining different products and hardware platforms. The Thingsee hardware portfolio is expanding rapidly with new products to fulfil the ever-growing demand for different use-cases, as enterprises are digitalising their operations. The platform is designed so that the customization of any layer is possible, making the platform flexible and adaptable to different kinds of technical requirements and business needs.

Thingsee IoT software platform supports both rapid prototype development and large-scale commercial installations. The Thingsee Operations Cloud and applications ensure that cloud services and applications are available for daily administration and field operation tasks. These tools come as a standard in every Thingsee Operations Profile, and they can be used as a basis to further customise the cloud and application for specific field operation processes and needs.

Administration or field operation services are typically tailored to customer needs. In addition, device installation and maintenance operations are adjusted according to customer business models, available IT personnel and business focus areas.

Thingsee IoT Platform Main Features

  • Thingsee comes with a family of wireless sensors
  • Thingsee handles sensor-mesh connectivity using Wirepas mesh technology or non-mesh sensor connectivity over BLE
  • Thingsee comes with gateways for a cloud (mobile network)
  • Thingsee handles mobile network connectivity (SIM)
  • Thingsee Operations Cloud takes care of the device health, diagnostics and maintenance
  • Thingsee Operations Cloud forwards the sensor data to a customer cloud system
  • Thingsee Operations Cloud sees all the sensors and their data as anonymous data source with no visibility to actual use-case
  • Thingsee ToolBox Desktop and Mobile application is available for both device management and field operations and services

What a Thingsee customer needs to do

  • The customer buys a suitable set of wireless sensors and gateway devices.
  • The customer receives pre-configured devices ready for instant use.
  • The customer receives sensor data as Thingsee Messages to their defined data endpoint.
  • The customer handles the data per their requirements and understanding of the installed use case.
  • The customer creates application context, services and analytics.
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