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Smart Office Development Guide

Use-case examples

  • Detect if a desk is occupied by using ThingseePRESENCE
  • Detect if a room is occupied by using ThingseePRESENCE
  • Count visitors in a room by using ThingseePRESENCE
  • Follow fill-rate levels of containers by using ThingseeDISTANCE
  • Follow environmental parameters by using ThingseeENVIRONMENT
  • Monitor machine-usage levels by using ThingseeENVIRONMENT


  • ThingseeGATEWAYs for LAN, 2G or LTE Cat M1
  • ThingseeDISTANCE sensor can be retrofitted to a dispenser, trash bin, cookie-jar or some other object from where you need to read fill-rate information
  • ThingseePRESENCE sensor can be used to detect if space is occupied and to calculate approximate visitors within an area
    • ThingseePRESENCE has different lens-cover domes that will optimise the detection for a use-case
  • ThingseePRESENCE can be used to detect if a desk is occupied
  • To get the optimal performance, plan your installation so that a distance between sensors is maximum of 20 meters indoors and 50 meters outdoors
  • Calculate gateway capacity so that there is a gateway for every 100 sensors



  • Every Thingsee sensors comes with remote-configurable firmware
  • Study your use-case, so that you can define an optimal interval for measurements and messages
  • For example, having 15 min interval instead of default 1 min interval will increase battery-life up to 6 years; and even beyond by configuring or customizing the firmware to behave in such way that fits best to the planned use-case scenario.


  • Get yourself Thingsee Operations Cloud installation (contact the sales rep)
  • Within your own cloud environment, prepare an API endpoint that is able to receive Thingsee Messages
  • Design your application and cloud service so that you can build the identity for the sensors
    • Thingsee Operations Cloud handles all sensors as anonymous (only serial number is known), so it is under customer cloud responsibility to map the sensor serial number to an actual location, client, room, desk or an object.

Applications and APIs

  • Thingsee ToolBox for mobile can be tailored to support your process for installation and maintenance services
    • For example, setting up the identity information and verifying that the sensor is behaving correctly
    • In addition, the app can configure the sensor so that it has the optimal messaging frequency and other configuration parameters
  • As a Thingsee customer, you will get access to Thingsee Services API which allows you to build your fully customized application and desktop solution for Smart Office incl. the management and configuration of the gateways and sensors.

Some things to consider

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