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Asset Tracking Development Guide


  • ThingseeGATEWAYs for LAN, 2G or LTE Cat M1
  • Any Thingsee sensors, or a mixture of Thingsee sensors, as anchors
    • Choose the anchor sensor models so that they can produce some meaningful data in addition of asset-tracking
      • For example, ThingseePRESENCE can be used to detect human presence in a room, therefore adding more insight to your asset-tracking service
      • For example, ThingseeENVIRONMENT can measure temperature and other environmental parameters, and follow whether windows or doors are closed or open
  • To get the optimal performance, plan your installation so that a distance between sensors is maximum of 20 meters indoors and 50 meters outdoors
  • Calculate gateway capacity so that there is a gateway for every 200 sensors (remember to include assets to that calculation)
  • Contact your Thingsee sales representative to find the optimal device for your asset
    • Battery-life expectation
    • Reporting interval
    • Size and IP classification
    • Other customized or configurable behaviour



  • Get yourself Thingsee Operations Cloud installation (sales rep)
  • Within your own cloud environment, prepare an API endpoint that is able to receive asset-tracking data as specified in Thingsee Asset Tracking Profile (20)

Applications and APIs

  • As a part of Thingsee Operations Cloud, you will get an Android application for an asset-tracking setup
  • As a Thingsee customer, you will also get access to Thingsee Services API which allows you to build your fully customized application and desktop solution for asset-tracking.

Some things to consider

  • Use more gateways if your solution is reading sensor data more frequently than 15 minutes
    • This will improve battery-life as the message routes are shorter
    • This will also decrease the load from the network so that both sensor data and asset-tracker data has a more direct route to a gateway and a cloud
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