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Thingsee Platform Release 1

Firmware Versions

Name Version Description
ThingseeGATEWAY 2018.08.15 Initial public release
ThingseeDISTANCE 2018.08.02.2_ts_tof Initial public release
ThingseePRESENCE 2018.08.02.2_ts_pir Initial public release
ThingseeENVIRONMENT 2018.08.02.1_ts_pod2 Initial public release

Applications and Cloud Versions

Name Version Description
Thingsee Operations Cloud 2018.12.31 Initial public release
Thingsee Services API N/A Internal release
Thingsee ToolBox Mobile N/A Internal release
Thingsee ToolBox Desktop N/A Internal release

What’s new

* Initial platform release version for commercial use.

Known issues

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