Thingsee Sensors

The core of the Thingsee platform is the various wireless BLE or mesh network sensors that are made to produce all the required data for IoT use cases.

Depending on the use case, the sensor may contain internal analytics of the data or storage for longer measurement periods, when it is not possible to upload data to cloud systems.

If the standard Thingsee-sensor hardware and its firmware are not suitable, a fully customized sensor can be made with the hardware configuration and tailor-made firmware that fits perfectly to the required use case. The whole Thingsee IoT technology is built so that new gateways and sensors are straightforward to add.

  • ThingseeENVIRONMENT is a sensor that includes environmental sensors for temperature, air pressure, ambient light, humidity, and acceleration measurement. The firmware includes a special mode for machine usage monitoring which is optimized for measuring vibrations to detect and analyze events, e.g. predictive maintenance.
  • ThingseePRESENCE is a sensor that has a passive infrared sensor, which will report a count of detected movement using the set interval. This makes ThingseePRESENCE perfect for occupancy, facilities and smart office use cases.
  • ThingseeDISTANCE is a sensor that reports a distance to a surface in a range of 50-1500 mm, and can be configured for distances up to 2 meters. ThingseeDISTANCE is perfect for measuring different fill-rates of containers, dispensers or storage areas.

All Thingsee firmware are made so that they have dynamically configurable features, that allows, for example, each sensor to act as a positioning service anchor, or enable BLE mode for user tracking. In addition, sensor specific firmware has remote configurable options that can be used to fine-tune measurement parameters or sensor behaviour.

Thingsee sensors use Wirepas Mesh connectivity as a default. Wirepas mesh has been proven to work exceptionally well in environments where power consumption is critical, and there are no strict requirements for real-time data transfer or high data bandwidth.

Thingsee BLE sensors can be made for cases where real-time communication or bandwidth requirements are so high that Wirepas Mesh is not feasible. BLE firmware versions are not a part of the standard Thingsee IoT Platform delivery yet, but can be made available on a separate agreement.

All sensors produce various system level parameters for monitoring and diagnostic purposes. The actual sensor data varies based on the sensor model, and possible the firmware version. Typically, Thingsee sensor reports the following attributes as a single device, a combination of a gateway and sensor, or as a sensor mesh network.

For example

  • Distance to a surface
  • Presence of moving objects, movement detection
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Ambient light
  • GPS location
  • Cellular location
  • Acceleration, orientation, x/y/z gravity
  • Acceleration, impacts, x/y/z force

System parameters include for example

  • Network connection parameters like RSSI, cellular info, transmission power
  • Battery and charging information
  • Network topology in mesh networks
  • System crash logs, asserts, diagnostics information
  • Version information

As a ground rule, all sensor data is forwarded to the application cloud, and all the system data is handled within the Thingsee Operations Cloud. There are some exceptions, as battery information is typically something that is also sent to the application cloud.

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