Custom Development

The preferred way for adding custom functionality is to have new remote-configuration option that can be used to enable or change default sensor behaviour without making a new custom firmware.

This allows new functionality to be added to standard Thingsee firmware so that new remote-configurable feature is part of platform releases and comes as a default for all customers without adding maintenance effort.

If remote-configuration is not possible, or customization is targeted only for a specific customer, then a new firmware version must be made in parallel to standard firmware.

This adds maintenance effort as the custom firmware must be part of a maintenance cycle, updates and error-corrections. Therefore, both the development and maintenance of custom firmware must be agreed separately.

A new product development is required if existing sensors requires any hardware changes. Some external casing is possible to create without affect sensor type-approval, but practically any change in components or adding new sensor components always requires a development project.

In a development project, a sensor is fully tailored based on the use-case requirements for measurements, battery-life, communication protocols, size, industrial design, durability, IP-classification and other properties and requirements that may affect the final design.

As a result, the customer receives a type-approved product that is fully optimised for the use case, with full Thingsee compatibility for device life-cycle services.

Thingsee comes with a default Thingsee field operations mobile application (ToolBox) that can be used for basic installation and maintenance services. Typically, this functionality is sufficient for most of the customers, but there may be a need to optimise application workflow for specific processes, or the change how data is transferred and stored.

This development will be done as a development project where standard Thingsee application can be used as a baseline for customer specific modifications. A custom field operations application needs maintenance and development services e.g. to publish and maintain the application in Google Play and App Store.

Thingsee platform is a generic platform for IoT device management and operations whereas solution is something that is build on top of that layer. A solution is on a same level as any other an application, a cloud or an end-user service development.

Haltian has a long history of creating products and full services based on user requirements. Creating a full customer solution consists of all the layers in a fully functional service where all the applications, and application cloud, is developed for the customer for a specific use case.

For example, Thingsee platform doesn't provide any visualisation tools as a default so that the customer could see and follow the data patterns, or to make any kind of customer-specific analytics or triggers based on the data. It is assumed that the customer will receive data as a JSON data and the solution development is on customer side.

Regardless of this design decision, Haltian is capable of developing a full solution by ourself or with our partners.

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