Thingsee Applications

Thingsee ToolBox Desktop is a tool for those admins that take care of the gateway and sensor population within a specific Thingsee installation (“Thingsee Operations Profile”). This person can be either Haltian personnel, customer IT or Servicedesk team depending on how Thingsee Operations are hosted and how the SLA is agreed.

Thingsee ToolBox Desktop is constantly evolving based on the feedback and experience we get from the devices that are already in pilot or in commercial use.

The main features are

  • keep track of device inventory (within Thingsee Operations profile)
  • follow and monitor device health status
  • follow mesh network topology and signal performance
  • organise things to manageable groups
  • modify, verify and review configuration parameters for things
  • deploy and manage firmware update for both gateways and sensors
  • set and clear alerts and notifications for devices and device groups
  • coordinate field operation tasks, installations and maintenance requests

Thingsee ToolBox Mobile can be used as a basis when making a tailor-made version of the field operations app for customer own use. A generic Thingsee ToolBox Mobile app can be used as a reference and as a tool for pilots, but it is strongly recommended to make a customised version when aiming for commercial use, so that the app fits perfectly whatever are logistics, installation, field operative and service processes and features.

The main purpose of the Thingsee ToolBox Mobile is to help with the installation and initial setup of sensors when doing actual installation on a field. The secondary purpose is to act as a maintenance tool whenever sensors needs maintenance, repairs or replacements.

A customer should be able to manage sensors and positioning service fully through the app with no manual setup or in-depth understanding of the underlying technology.

The application contains following main features

  • installation of sensors using QR codes or BLE proximity to create an identity between a sensor and an application cloud
  • installation of gateways to verify that data communication is functional between gateway and Thingsee Operations Cloud
  • verification of a mesh network communication between sensors and a gateway

Optionally the application can be used to

  • manage positioning service campus, sites, and floor-plans
  • manage navigation info
  • manage actual location of sensors that are used as anchors
  • configure sensors that are used as a movable asset
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