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3rd Party Support

Although Thingsee is highly integrated full end-to-end solution, there are some options where 3rd party hardware or software services can be integrated as a part of the solution. Naturally, all these will require custom development project before a solution is commercially ready for use.

Connect Thingsee sensors to a 3rd party gateway without Thingsee Operations

This is a custom development project where Thingsee sensors are integrated to customer operations at manufacturing phase. Whenever these sensors are manufactured, those are added to customer own inventory, and are not visible to Thingsee Operations. The manufacturing process needs to be adapted to the customer inventory data, required sensor parameters, security provisioning and configuration options.

The customer will receive Thingsee sensor hardware and the specification of its software interfaces so that customer gateway can send and receive sensors data, and can handle all operational, maintenance and diagnostics features mentioned in this document.

Connect Thingsee sensors to a 3rd party gateway with Thingsee Operations

Technically, this is same as the external gateway option without Thingsee Operations with following features and requirements.

  • The gateway device must be AWS IoT compatible. The gateway must support AWS IoT MQTT communication and its certificates.
  • The Gateway must fetch its AWS IoT certificates from Thingsee Master Inventory the APIs provided by Thingsee.
  • The gateway must use Thingsee message specification using zipped CBOR content, and the topic structure defined by Thingsee Operations
  • The Gateway must implement support for sensor inventory queries
  • The Gateway must implement support for sensor firmware update and diagnostics
  • The Gateway may implement support for Things Commands if a remote configuration for sensors is used
  • The Gateway may implement support for positioning service and other add-on diagnostics and value-added services defined in Thingsee message specifications.

Connect 3rd party sensors to a Thingsee gateway with Thingsee Operations

The preferred way to integrate 3rd party sensors to a Thingsee Gateway and Thingsee Operations, is to implement a new firmware to 3rd party sensor, so that Thingsee support is done already within sensor firmware. This simplifies the role of the gateway, makes Thingsee Operations work natively, and ensures that the mesh network communication, manufacturing, and logistics follows the default processes as the rest of Thingsee sensors.

The other option is to modify Thingsee Gateway to support 3rd party sensor firmware and its data formats, but that may introduce interoperability problems if the same mesh network includes also Thingsee sensors. For example, firmware update, diagnostics and remote configurability may conflict with each others.

These integrations options needs to be analysed per case.

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