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DeploymentGroup (groupId)

DeploymentGroup (groupId) is a logical collection of devices. Every Thingsee device (tuid) belongs to a single deploymentgroup. When the devices are manufactured they are unassigned and available for further assignments. The purpose of a deploymentgroup information is to split the device population into logical groups using the following naming convention

{Thingsee Deployment Prefix} + {Customer Deployment Id}

Following Thingsee Deployment Prefixes are available as a default. The prefix is always 6-alpha-characters using 2-alpha identifiers for {environment} + {country code } + {reserved}

Note that the country-specific identifier and endpoint index is designed to be used in cases where the same customer has a different end-point or cloud-technology per country (or a customer within a country). Thingsee Operations Cloud uses only the prefix to determine the end-point for the data; Customer Deployment Id is ignored by Thingsee Operations Cloud.

  1. un unassigned (available for installations)
  2. pr production
  3. dm demo
  4. rd development
  1. reserved for future use
Table 1: Examples
Prefix Description
unxx00 unassigned devices without any specific information about country
rdxx00 Development devices without any specific information about country
prfi00 Production devices in Finland pointing to an FI endpoint
pruk00 Production devices in UK pointing to a UK endpoint
rduk00 Development devices in UK pointing to a UK development

Customer Deployment Id is defined by the customer at the time when customer creates a new deploymentgroup through Thingsee Services API. The customer enters following information for the id

  1. hash is maximum of 32 characters [a-z0-9]
  2. Thingsee Deployment Prefix based on the available prefixes. The id will be created under the chosen prefix.
  3. SLA level (optional) as a default, all deploymentgroups are assigned to default agreed SLA level, but it is possible to upgrade or downgrade SLA level per deploymentGroup
  4. zipcode (optional)
  5. address (optional)
  6. GPS coordinates (optional)

DeploymentGroups are created, managed and assigned through Thingsee Services API / DeploymentGroup operations. The responsibility of the management operations are under customer; this can be done from mobile applications (installer application) or from the customer cloud.

Example DeploymentGroupId rdfi00haltian_office_rel_testing_devices where prefix and userid

See how deploymentGroup is used in MQTT topic structure: Connect to default Thingsee MQTT Broker

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