Thingsee Distance Profile (17)

  "dist"       : 145

Distance is send as a millimetre value.

    "tsmId"        : 17100,
    "tsmEv"        : 10,
    "tsmTs"        : 1492603998,
    "tsmTuid"      : "T5T0FS3R1AL",
    "tsmGw"        : "TSGW1234",
    "tsmAp"        : "ThingseeDemoApp"
    "dist"         : 145

A client will send this message with tsmEv : 30 to update new configuration parameter to the sensor. The sensor will reply with the same updated data content with tsmEv:31. The sensor may send this same data in boot-up or other event to inform the client about currently applied configuration content.

  "transactionId"      : Number,
  "profileId"          : Number

transactionId is an integer value in range 0 to 2147483647.

profileId is distance sensor configuration profile. Following profiles are supported:

  • 0: Default profile. Typical performance: max distance X.Xm, white target accuracy ±A% (indoors).
  • 1: High accuracy profile. Typical performance: max distance X.Xm, accuracy < ±B%.
  • 2: Long range profile. Typical performance: max distance Y.Ym, white target accuracy ±CC% (dark conditions).
  • 3: Short distance profile. Typical performance: max distance 0.5m, white target accuracy ±E% (indoors).

If profileId is omitted from configuration message, device reports back current profileId setting.

A sensor application must reply with the same message (applied configuration values) with an tsmEv : 31.

Example response

  "tsmId"      : 17110, //ID of message content
  "tsmEv"      : 31,   //config update response
  "tsmTs"      : 1492604004, //message timestamp
  "tsmTuid"    : "TSTOF6789", //originating thing
  "profileId"  : 2,
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