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Thingsee Angle Profile (18)

ThingseeANG can measure the angular position of an arm attached to the sensor.

Angular position info (18100)

  "angle" : 89
  • angle is angular position in degrees (0° to 360°).

Temperature info (18101)

  "temp" : 59
  • temperature is degrees Celsius.

LED control request (18200)

A client will send this message with tsmEv : 30 to update new configuration parameter to the sensor. The sensor will reply with the same updated data content with tsmEv:31. The sensor may send this same data in boot-up or other events to inform the client about currently applied configuration content.

  "transactionId"      : Number,
  "profileId"          : Number,
  "duration"           : Number,
  • transactionId is an integer value in range 0 to 2147483647.
  • profileId is LED control profile. Following profiles are supported:
    • 0: Turn off LED.
    • 1: Blink LED every 2 seconds.
  • duration is duration of how long profile is to be active in seconds. After deactivation, LED is powered off. Duration is only used if profileId is set.

If profileId is omitted from configuration message, device reports back current profileId and duration settings. A sensor application must reply with the same message (applied configuration values) with a tsmEv : 31.

Example response

  "tsmId"         : 18200, //ID of message content
  "tsmEv"         : 31,   //config update response
  "tsmTs"         : 1492604004, //message timestamp
  "tsmTuid"       : "TSANG6789", //originating thing
  "transactionId" : 123499,
  "profileId"     : 1,
  "duration"      : 1800
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