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Connect to default Thingsee MQTT Broker

Thingsee Operations Cloud comes with an MQTT broker that is available for a customer to subscribe. This is the preferred method for data integration unless the customer has some specific requirements or customization needs how the integration is done from Thingsee Operations Cloud to customer cloud (e.g. direct Azure connection).

cloudext/json/{groupId Prefix Environment}/{groupId Prefix Country}/{groupId CustomerId}{tuid}/{messageId}

An MQTT client (customer cloud) can subscribe

  1. to groupId level e.g. when data is needed from a logical group of devices
    1. a groupId can be e.g. “devices in production use” or “devices in use by customer XYZ”
    2. a groupId is partially defined by Thingsee and partially by the customer. See DeploymentGroup (groupId)
  2. to tuid level when a data is needed from the specific device
    1. where _tuid_ is the tsmTuid-property of the JSON message. See About Thingsee Messages
  3. to messageId level when the specific data needed from the specific device
    1. where messageId is the tsmId-property of the JSON message.

An MQTT broker address and X.509 certificate is delivered to the customer as part of Thingsee Operations Cloud installation process.

Messages are published as a single JSON objects as described in About Thingsee Messages

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