ThingseePRESENCE uses passive-infrared sensor to detect a heat source movement (human, animal, etc) in an area. The indicative count of detections is reported to the cloud. The device has Wirepas connectivity and requires Wirepas-enabled gateway for cloud communication.

CE and FCC certified and ready for commercial use.

  • Advanced heart-beat implementation

Default functionality

  • report an indicative count of detected movements every 1 minute (remote-configurable)
  • report battery-level information every 6 hours
  • The device blinks led (red) once when starting up

Thingsee Messages

Following Thingsee Message profiles are used

* Thingsee Message common profile (1)

  • 1101 Thing information request
  • 1102 Thing information unavailable response
  • 1100 Thing system info data
  • 1110 Thing battery info data
  • 1111 Thing orientation data
  • 1202 Sensor network neighbouring data
  • 1312 Firmware binary version info
  • 1500 Sensor Application Interval Configuration
  • 1501 Sensor Wirepas Node Role Configuration

* Thingsee Message presence profile (13)

  • 13100 presence count

* Thingsee profile (2)

  • 2100 occupancy info
    "tsmId"        : 13100,
    "tsmEv"        : 10,
    "tsmTs"        : 1492603998,
    "tsmTuid"      : "TSTF02S3R1AL",
    "tsmGw"        : "TSGW1234",
    "moveCount"    : 16

moveCount is an indicative value of detected movements during measurement period.

    "tsmId"        : 13100,
    "tsmEv"        : 10,
    "tsmTs"        : 1492603998,
    "tsmTuid"      : "TSTF02S3R1AL",
    "tsmGw"        : "TSGW1234",
    "state"        : 1

state is current occupancy state. Value '0' means sensor area is not occupied and value '1' means area is occupied.

The firmware implements occupancy analytics as follows.

UserUserThingseePRESENCEThingseePRESENCECloudCloudUser enters, leaves or stays at sensor detection areastate = moveCount > 0 ? true : falsealt[state is changed]Send tsmId 2100reset timer[state is not changed]check if timer expiredalt[2h timer expired]Send tsmId 2100reset timer[timer not expired]do nothing

  • Interval is set as default to 60s and can be remotely changed over Thingsee Services API.


  • measurement range: as described in installation notes
  • battery-life (interval): 3 years (1min)

A heat source shape, size, movement and temperature may affect the performance. The heat source must move for accurate detection.

Factory configuration

The following parameters are configured during manufacturing process.

  • Wirepas connectivity parameters

Remote configuration

The following parameters are configurable remotely over Thingsee Operations Cloud.

  • measurement interval
  • enable/disable Thingsee positioning anchor mode
  • Wirepas head-node and sub-node configuration
  • occupancy mode
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