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ThingseeANGLE is used to measure angle value e.g. in handles, valves or other objects where an angle between two planes needs to be measured.

  • temperature
  • angle

The device has Wirepas connectivity and requires Wirepas-enabled gateway for cloud communication.

Firmware status

CE-certified and ready for commercial use.

What's new

  • 1st commercial release

Default functionality

  • report a temperature value every 15 minute
  • report an angle value every 15 minute
  • report an angle value instantly when the angle is changed by 1°
  • report battery-level information every 6 hours

Thingsee Messages

Following Thingsee Message profiles are used

  • Thingsee Message common profile (1)
    • 1100 Thing system info data
    • 1101 Thing information request
    • 1102 Thing information unavailable response
    • 1110 Thing battery info data
    • 1111 Thing orientation info
    • 1202 Sensor network neighboring data
    • 1312 Firmware binary version info
    • 1403 Error info
    • 1500 Sensor Application Interval Configuration
    • 1501 Sensor Wirepas Node Role Configuration
  • Thingsee Angle profile (18)
    • 18100 Angular position info
    • 18101 Temperature info
    • 18200 Led control request

Example data as received from Thingsee Operations Cloud

Environment values

    "tsmId"        : 12100,
    "tsmEv"        : 10,
    "tsmTs"        : 1492603998,
    "tsmTuid"      : "XXXXXXS3R1AL",
    "tsmGw"        : "TSGW1234",
    "angle"        : 89

Thingsee TestLab Reference Measurements

  • temperature measurement: passed, sensor component spec
  • angle measurement: passed, sensor component spec
  • battery-life (interval): 4 year (15min)

Factory configuration

The following parameters are configured during the manufacturing process.

  • Wirepas connectivity parameters

Remote configuration

The following parameters are configurable remotely over Thingsee Operations Cloud.

  • measurement interval
  • Wirepas head-node and sub-node configuration
  • ThingseeANGLE LED control (e.g. to activate LED blinking mode)

Installation Notes

ThingseeANGLE is installed using custom-made mounts e.g. for manual valves.

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