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 ====== Thingsee Play for Desktop ====== ====== Thingsee Play for Desktop ======
 +This is a development example using Thingsee Play reference architecture. ​
 ===== Development guide for Unreal Engine 4  ===== ===== Development guide for Unreal Engine 4  =====
-[[app:​thingseeplay:​ue4development|]]+  * Download Unreal Engine [[https://​www.unrealengine.com]] 
 +  * Purchase Firebase plugin [[https://​www.unrealengine.com/​marketplace/​en-US/​slug/​realtime-database-firebase]] when connecting to Thingsee Play. If you use Azure, AWS, HTTP, MQTT or something else, you need some other plugin that connects your IoT data source to the Unreal Engine environment) 
 +  * Follow ​[[app:​thingseeplay:​ue4development|]]
 ===== User guide ===== ===== User guide =====
 +To be added when the first level is done.