Thingsee Play UE4 development guide

  • Create a Thingsee Play account using the Thingsee Play for iOS
    • You need this account to login to Thingsee Play cloud (Firebase)
  • Install Firebase plugin as instructed in plugin help files and docs
  • Create and empty UE4 game project with a default level
  • TSPlayCloud is the actor that handles generic Thingsee Play cloud connection
  • TSPlayCloudActor is the actor that handles sensor-specific communication
  • TSInterface is Blueprint interface that defines an interface that the other actors must implement when receiving Thingsee Play data

Create an actor that is able to receive Thingsee data, and act based on the data.

  • Start a new map
  • Create new Blueprint actor (this is the actor that handles Thingsee data)
  • On the right side at Details tab add TSInterface as new Implemented interfaces
  • List of interfaces is updated on the left sidebar under Interfaces
  • Double click DidUpdateNumberValue to edit
    • This is where your game-logic is implemented. What is the functionality when a sensor updates its specific value?
  • Save and Compile, and close the actor editor
  • Add components to your game map
    • Add your custom actor to the map
    • Add one (and only one) TSPlayCloud
    • Add one TSPlayCloudActor to your map
  • Open game level blueprint and make following edits
    • Event BeginPlay binds CloudReady event and initializes cloud connection

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